Batman Adventures/Gotham Adventures

Zu der Zeichentrickserie Batman: The Animated Series erschienen auch mehrere Comicserien, zunächst als Batman Adventures (1992-1995), dann als Batman und Robin Adventures (1995-1997). Die dritte Staffel wurde begleitet von Gotham Adventures (1998-2003). Später wurden die Abenteuer in Comicform immer wieder fortgesetzt, zuletzt seit 2020.

Batman Adventures (Vol. 1, 1992-1995)

  1. Penguin’s Big Score
  2. Catwoman’s Killer Caper
  3. Joker’s Late-Night Lunacy
  4. Riot Act
  5. Riot Act II
  6. The Third Door
  7. Raging Lizard [Killer Croc]
  8. Larceny, My Sweet
  9. The Little Red Book
  10. The Last Riddler Story
  11. The Beast Within [Man-Bat]
  12. Batgirl: Day One [Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy]
  13. Last Tango in Paris [Talia al Ghul]
  14. Public Enemy [Ventriloquist/Scarface]
  15. Badge of Honor
  16. The Killing Book [Joker]
  17. The Tangled Web [Ra’s al Ghul]
  18. Decision Day
  19. Troubled Dreams [Scarecrow]
  20. Smells Like Black Sunday
  21. House of Dorian [Man-Bat]
  22. Good Face Bad Face [Two-Face]
  23. Toxic Shock [Poison Ivy]
  24. Grave Obligations
  25. Super Friends [Superman]
  26. Tree of Knowledge
  27. Survivor Syndrome
  28. Twelve Days of Madness [Joker, Harley Quinn]
  29. Demon Seed [Ra’s al Ghul]
  30. Natural Born Loser
  31. Anarky
  32. A Soldier’s Story
  33. Just Another Night
  34. In Memoriam [Catwoman, Hugo Strange]
  35. The Book of Memory
  36. The Last Batman Adventure [Catwoman, Hugo Strange, Rupert Thorne]

Batman and Robin Adventures (1995-1997)

  1. Two-Timer [Two-Face, Joker, Harley Quinn]
  2. Two-Timer, Part Two
  3. A Christmas Riddle [Riddler]
  4. Birdcage [Pinguin]
  5. Second Banana [Joker]
  6. Round Robin
  7. His Master’s Voice [Ventriloquist/Scarface]
  8. Harley and Ivy and… Robin?
  9. Tears [Batgirl und Talia]
  10. Blood of the Demon [Ra’s & Talia al Ghul]
  11. Windows to the Soul [Man-Bat]
  12. To Live and Die in Gotham City [Bane]
  13. Knightmare [Scarecrow]
  14. Dagger’s Tale
  15. Second Chances [Deadman]
  16. It Takes A Cat [Catwoman]
  17. But A Dream [Mad Hatter]
  18. Joker’s Last Laugh
  19. Duty of the Huntress
  20. Through the Long Night
  21. Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk? [Batgirl, Riddler]
  22. Fifty, Fifty [Two-Face]
  23. Crocodile Tears [Killer Croc]
  24. Touch of Death [Poison Ivy]
  25. Demon in the Sky [Ra’s al Ghul]

Gotham Adventures (1998-2003)

  1. With a Price on his Head [Joker]
  2. Lucky Day [Two-Face]
  3. Just Another Day [Scarecrow]
  4. Claws [Catwoman]
  5. Polar Opposites [Mr. Freeze]
  6. Last Chance [Deadman]
  7. Dagger’s Secret [Pinguin]
  8. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  9. A League of His Own [Ra’s al Ghul]
  10. Mightier than the Sword [Harley Quin, Joker, Poison Ivy]
  11. The Oldest One in the Book [Riddler]
  12. Never an Option [Two-Face]
  13. The End [Perfesser, Mastermind, Mr. Nice]
  14. Masks of Love: A Harley Quinn Romance
  15. Cash ’n the Hood [Bane]
  16. Captive Audience [Alfred]
  17. Daddy Dearest
  18. Like a Bat Outta Gotham [Man-Bat]
  19. A Little Thing
  20. And Oh So Delicious [Poison Ivy]
  21. How This World Goes
  22. Minute Differences [Batgirl, James Gordon]
  23. Do the Wrong Thing [Ra’s al Ghul]
  24. Missed Connections [Catwoman, Killer Croc]
  25. Recognized, in Flashes, and with Glory [Flash] 25, 2000
  26. In Arms
  27. Lessons
  28. Notes [Riddler]
  29. Six Hours to Kill [Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn]
  30. Deals [Clayface]
  31. Madness and Chaos and All ‚Cause of Me [Joker]
  32. The Remote Controller [Scarecrow]
  33. World Without Batman [Phantom Stranger]
  34. When in Rome [Maxie Zeus]
  35. Stepping Forward
  36. World’s Finest [Superman]
  37. Images [Mad Hatter]
  38. Sticking
  39. Acts [Clayface]
  40. Colder than Arctic [Mr. Freeze, Ra’s al Ghul]
  41. A Tale of Joe
  42. Tuesday Night
  43. Turnabout [Harley Quinn]
  44. Choices [Two-Face]
  45. Running the Asylum
  46. Saving Fire [Ventriloquist/Scarface]
  47. Case Study
  48. Actions
  49. The Art of the Steal [Killer Croc]
  50. Second Timers [Catwoman, Pinguin]
  51. Early Thaw [Mr. Freeze, Clayface]
  52. Hard Knock Life [Bane]
  53. Green Mind [Poison Ivy]
  54. Masterwork
  55. Rescue Me
  56. Identity Theft [Riddler]
  57. The Real Deal [Riddler]
  58. Crazy Talk [Creeper, Ventriloquist/Scarface]
  59. Payback
  60. Leaves [Joker]

Batman Adventures (Vol. 2, 2003-2004)

  1. No Asylum/Who Am I [Pinguin]
  2. Free Man/Fowl Play [Pinguin]
  3. My Boyfriend’s Back/Breathing Room [Joker, Harley Quinn]
  4. Need to Know/The Balance [Ra’s al Ghul]
  5. Shot to the Heart [Penguin, False Face Society]
  6. Playing with Matches/Two Minute Warning
  7. A Bat in the House/The First Time [Red Hood]
  8. Masquerade/Face to Face [Red Hood]
  9. Deathtrap a-Go-Go!/The Couch
  10. One Step Ahead/Uninvited Guest [Catwoman, Pinguin]
  11. Poker Face/Questions that Begin with a Queue [Pinguin/Riddler]
  12. The Duo Dynamic/The Hidden Display [Clock King/Killer Moth]
  13. Swan Song/Knight Light [Pinguin]
  14. Reel to Real/While Justice Needs Me [Grey Ghost/Clayface]
  15. Best Served Cold/Koonak of the North [Mr. Freeze]
  16. The Bride of Joker/The Flower Girl [Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy]


  • The Batman Adventures: Mad Love (1994)
  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm – The Animated Movie #1 (1994)
  • The Batman Adventures Annual #1 (1994)
  • The Batman Adventures Annual #2 (1995)
  • The Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1 (1995)
  • The Batman and Robin Adventures Annual #1 (1996) [Shadow of the Phantasm]
  • The Batman and Robin Adventures Annual #2 (1997) [Token of Faith]
  • Batman and Superman Adventures: World’s Finest (1997)
  • The Batman and Robin Adventures: SubZero #1 (1998)
  • Batgirl Adventures #1 (1998) [Oy to the World]



Batman: The Adventures Continue (2020-2023)

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