The Batman Chronicles

Die Comic-Serie The Batman Chronicles erschien von 1995 bis 2001 und brachte es auf 23 Ausgaben. In den meisten Heften sind drei Kurzgeschichten enthalten. Manche gehören zu größeren Events/Crossovern der 90er, wie Contagion (Die Seuche), Cataclysm (Das Beben) und No Man’s Land (Niemandsland).

  1. Midnight Train/Tomorrow Belongs To Us/Death Mask
  2. The Space Between Good and Evil/Goin‘ Downtown/Commissions
  3. Riddle of the Jinxed Sphinx/The First Cut is the Deepest: The Secret Origin of Mr. Zsasz/Workin‘ My Way Back To You
  4. Hitman/Huntress: Exposure/Beggar’s Banquet (Contagion)
  5. Oracle: Year One: Born of Hope/Decoys/Of Mice and Men
  6. Choices/Shadow Job/Cityscape
  7. World’s Finest: Equal Justice/Like Riding A Bike/Double Play
  8. The Prison/Double Jeopardy/Dinosaur Island
  9. Photo Finish/Just Desserts/Passions Fruit
  10. To See The Batman/The Madman’s Tale/Odd Attachment
  11. Berlin Batman/The Bride of Leatherwing/Curse of the Catwoman (Elseworlds)
  12. The Contract/House of Cards/A Bird With a Hand/Trapped/Love Me 2 Times/Little Orphan Andy (Cataclysm)
  13. Duty. Trust. Partnership/Friends, Lies and Audiotape/Partners
  14. Master of the House/The Lunatic Fringe/Random Encounters (Aftershock)
  15. Will To Power/Between Stars Above and Below/An Answer in the Rubble
  16. Two Down/The Comforts of Home/Harold (No Man’s Land)
  17. Little Boy Lost/Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out/Identity Crisis
  18. Spiritual Currency (No Man’s Land)
  19. Got A Date With an Angel/Rapscallions/The Penny Plunderers
  20. Whippersnappers of Mass Destruction/Photo Finish/The Rage of Angels
  21. Apocalypse Girl/Citizen Wayne/A Silent Tale of the Bat (Elseworlds)
  22. Pay the Ferryman/Cry, Uncle/Daughter of the Demon
  23. The Bomb, The Bull, The Butler & the Bat/Automotive/The Mimic