The Batman Strikes (2004-2008)

Die Comicserie The Batman Strikes! zur Zeichentrickserie The Batman erschien von 2004 bis 2008 und kam auf 50 Ausgaben.

  1. Penguin Rising [Pinguin]
  2. City of Bats [Man-Bat]
  3. Order and Disorder [Joker]/ The Truth About Cats and Gods [Catwoman, Wonder Woman]
  4. Without a Chance [Bane]
  5. Scarface Is Gonna Go Boom
  6. The Cat’s Prize [Catwoman]
  7. Icestorm [Mr. Freeze]
  8. Firefall [Firefly]
  9. Sanity Plea [Joker]
  10. Illumination [Man-Bat]
  11. Man of Service [Pinguin]
  12. Break In at Gotham Central [Bane]
  13. Catwoman on the Prowl
  14. Sands of Time [Clayface]
  15. The Lost Ones [Dracula]
  16. Hit and Run [Joker]
  17. A Question of Identity [Riddler]
  18. The Greenhouse Effect [Batgirl]
  19. Born on a Monday [Solomon Grundy]
  20. Title Card [Bane]
  21. The Burning Cold [Mr. Freeze, Firefly]
  22. Demolition [Gearhead]
  23. Learning to Fly [Man-Bat]
  24. Waiting to Pounce [Catwoman]
  25. Behind Bars [Killer Croc]
  26. Escape [Clayface]
  27. Once a Thief… [Catwoman]
  28. The Comic and the Straight Man [Joker/Scarface]
  29. While the Bat’s Away [Robin, Batgirl, Bane, Pinguin]
  30. [The Chase is On] [Catwoman]
  31. [Batman’s on the Rampage]
  32. Batman’s going down!
  33. Growth [Poison Ivy]
  34. Shtick Shift [Riddler]
  35. The Clown Prince of Late Night [Joker, Harley Quinn]
  36. Gearhead 2.0
  37. Depths [Killer Croc]
  38. Pretty Poison [Poison Ivy]
  39. Hostile Takeover [Black Mask]
  40. The Burning Question [Riddler]
  41. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun [Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn]
  42. Hotwire [Bane]
  43. Grounded [Harley Quinn]
  44. A Tale of Two Cities [Superman]
  45. Gotham Girls: Honor Among Thieves [Batgirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy]
  46. Beauty and the Beast [Killer Croc]
  47. 20 Minutes [Black Mask]
  48. Ice Age [Mr. Freeze, Green Lantern]
  49. School Day [Poison Ivy, Killer Moth]
  50. Night of the Demon [Etrigan, Riddler]


  • The Batman Strikes!: Crime Time (#1-5, 2005)
  • The Batman Strikes!: In Darkest Knight (#6-10, 2005)
  • The Batman Strikes!: Duty Calls (#11-18, 2007)

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